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Free Xbox 360 Games For March 2014 – Civilization Revolution And Dungeon Defenders

As most of you know on the 1st and 16th of each month will be a free Xbox 360 game released for download on Xbox Live for gold members exclusively. Now these offers are for a limited time so log on to your account and download the free games available right away. Who doesn’t love free stuff? Microsoft is showing their appreciation for their dedicated Xbox customers yet again. Once in a while I have even seen a few films or episodes of television shows also available for free on Xbox Live. There is one thing I remember so many other gamers telling me about Xbox before I got my own. All the free stuff given away for being a Xbox Live gold member.

The free Xbox 360 game that was released March 1st for download is Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution. A strategy game rebuilt for the Xbox 360 console. In Civilization Revolution you begin the game from the dawn of humanity and develop civilization all the way into the space age. Your quest is to basically dominate and rule the world. Along the way you get the opportunity to wage war with history’s greatest leaders. Along with larger tasks like diplomacy and exploration. Originally for the PC and with seven different revisions Sid Meier brings you exactly what you would expect from such a legend, only this time it’s free. Can you take civilization’s greatest leaders head to head and conquer the world? Download the free Xbox 360 game while you can, the offer stands till March 15th.

Scheduled for release on March 16th is the free Xbox download of Dungeon Defenders. A fantasy action rpg and tower defense game from Trendy Entertainment. Play as the apprentice of a wizard or warrior and defend against hordes of monsters. Of course the game is multiplayer. Up to four of your friends can join you on your struggles to defend the Eternia Crystals from waves of ogres, orcs and goblins. Like any other rpg you can manage your character’s equipment and collect tons of loot. Complete with unique challenges and boss battles. Dungeon Defenders is a great game a group of friends can try to tackle or maybe the family. Best thing about these games from Xbox, they are free.