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Batman Arkham Knight – Enough Said

The dark knight is back! One year after the events of Arkham city and Rocksteady raises the bar again. The same developer that has brought us the amazing Arkham series has finally announced the last installment. Don’t be too upset though because this game is going to set the standards for next-gen gaming. So you can expect the best Batman game up to date. My first thought throughout this discovery is “How can Rocksteady compete with its own success? Can this game really top off the other Arkham games?”.

I have two words for those of you thinking the same doubtful questions and unsure opinions. The Batmobile. At last you can finally call the Batmobile to your side and even be ejected from the driver seat and launched skyward while driving. The movies released through Warner Bros. has made each Batman fan out there want their own personal bat tank. A vehicle so fierce and unstoppable it can break through corners of buildings, street cars, and just about anything your way. The streets of Gotham are redesigned wider to accommodate the Batmobile and all its deadliness. In addition to Gotham’s streets growing the entire games open world is five times the size of Arkham City’s. As if Arkham City wasn’t enough of a massive sandbox.

One of the games main signatures is the combat system and it’s counter focused gameplay. This system has been so successful that other games have even borrowed the same method because of its simplicity. Games like Shadow Of Mordor, Assassin’s Creed, and plenty more. On another note Kevin Conroy is going to take back the role as Gotham’s dark knight. Much better than Roger Smith who did Arkham Origins. The game will not have a multiplayer and is focused around single player gameplay. Rocksteady and Warner Bros. are making this game exclusively for next-gen consoles and PC. Arkham Knight is being released later this year for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.