Southpark and the Stick of Truth

Alright guys as you may… or may not know,  tomorrow is the release date of “South Park and The Stick Of Truth.” If you haven’t seen the “Black Friday Trilogy” episodes i would highly recommend checking it out before picking the game up, as it will just make the experience that much better. Anyway, they announced the game at E3 back in 2012 and I have counted down the days until it’s in my Xbox and I can shut the world out. Originally being scheduled to release on April 30th 2013, it was pushed to December 10th 2013. That delay upset me way more than I’m proud to admit. However, I waited patiently as possible for the day to arrive. Then October 31st 2013 came around, as i was getting ready for Halloween festivities (Drinking and dressing up like an idiot) I saw that the game was, again, pushed back. I swear to you as a 23-year-old adult that news almost ruined my night. Now five months later it will finally be released.

In the game you are a new kid entering the town of South Park. There is a war going on between Humans and Elves. You get to pick a side and fight with the characters from the show and help them claim The Stick of Truth. You choose between four classes Fighter, Mage, Thief, and Jew (a Paladin/monk class made up by who other than Cartman.) It will have a role-playing feel to it. Matt Stone and Trey Parker want the player to feel like they are in an episode of the show. So you can expect many great references to the series.

After winning Most Anticipated Game and 12 other awards I am not the only one completely stoked for this release. I will be reviewing the game upon playing it. So be sure to check back if you are interested in some random dudes opinion.



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