Lord Of The Rings: Shadow of Mordor


Let me just say that trailer was amazing. The fact is this game has two elements that are going to make it blow the heck up. In every game you come across certain combat systems that just work. Shadows Of Mordor has a similar system to the Batman Arkham series. We all know how well that did. Besides Batman the closest game I could think of is Assassins Creed. Shadow Of Mordor is bringing next-gen graphics and the next-gen Nemesis system. Gives you a personal experience in the realms of Tolkien. Allowing the enemy to remember every meet with you.  Each play through is different.

On top of all that you turn into a freaking wraith! With the ability to immediately find your target. You can even enthrall your foes. Send them on an assassination attempt, sacrifice, terrorize them and send your slave to spy for you. I’m sorry if I am overreacting but I’m a huge fantasy geek. Last I knew Shadow of Mordor is now one of the most anticipated. I love Lord Of The Rings and Manhunt. Christian Cantamessa the writer of Manhunt is the one writing this game. I loved that game and Red Dead Redemption. Talion has become one my favorite characters and I haven’t even played the game yet. The suspense kills me just cause there is no confirmed release date yet. But hey I guess I’ll just have to wait like the rest of you.


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